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The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), a not-for-profit organization, was established in 1933 to create uniformity in physician certification and to increase public awareness of the value of specialty certification. We are advocates for safe, quality healthcare through our efforts to establish and maintain high standards for professional physician certification.
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Who We Are & What We Do >
ABMS is passionately committed to the principle that higher standards for physicians lead to better care for patients. Our work focuses on the advancement of medical education, setting the standards and processes for certifying and recertifying physicians and providing products and services for verifying physician certification. Learn more about our purpose, goals and history.

About ABMS Member Boards >
Learn about the visionary leadership and commitment of the 24 ABMS specialty Member Boards.

Organization, Officers & Staff >
Learn more about the makeup of ABMS including the people who lead our organization.

Associate Members >
ABMS partners with a wide variety of healthcare-related organizations, especially those involved in the broad field of medical education. Find out more about them and their initiatives toward higher standards and better care.

ABMS History >
This section details the history of ABMS and its role in the creation of better informed citizens, highly competent physicians and quality medical care.

ABMS Certification Verification Products >
Verifying certification provides valuable insight on a physician’s expertise and qualifications. Learn more about the various ways ABMS can provide this important information to patients and professionals.

ABMS Research & Education Foundation >
Read more about how the ABMS Research and Education Foundation supports the ABMS mission of improving quality medical care through a variety of research and education initiatives.

Career Opportunities at ABMS >
Interested in working for a leader in the healthcare community? Find out what career opportunities are currently available at ABMS.