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Since 1933, the role of ABMS has been to serve in the public trust. Along with the ABMS Member Boards and Associate Members, we've built a solid national system of standards for recognizing specialists and providing information to the public.

This section details the history of ABMS and its role in the creation of better informed citizens, highly competent physicians and quality medical care.

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75th Anniversary Commemorative Book  

ABMS 75th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Published in honor of ABMS’ 75th anniversary in 2008, the book traces the organization’s role of service in the public trust.

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Extended History of ABMS >
Take a journey through the past 75 years of ABMS by reading how the organization was founded, how new boards and subspecialties are added and ABMS’ role in verifying certification and ensuring continued competency for physicians.

ABMS Leadership History >
Learn about the many individuals who have served ABMS with distinction.

ABMS Public Members >
For more than 30 years, ABMS has appointed public members to represent the views of our nation's citizens. Find out more about these esteemed individuals in this section.

ABMS Distinguished Service Award Recipient >
Read about the individuals recognized by ABMS who have made impressive contributions to specialty medical certification and have an outstanding record of service to ABMS and its Member Boards.

Meaning of the ABMS Logo >
Discover what each element of the ABMS logo represents and how it evolved from 1961 to today.