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ABMS, the official and central registry of certification status information for physicians certified by all 24 ABMS Member Boards, provides a number of ways for patients and professionals to determine if a physician is certified by one of the Member Boards.

The ABMS database contains board certification information on the more than 800,000 physicians certified by one or more of the 24 Member Boards. Depending on the product used, data may include certification effective and expiration dates and historical information of board certifications. All data is updated daily.

Free Certification Verification Services for Consumers

There are a number of free services for finding out if your doctor is board certified. Learn how to find out if your physician is board certified on this Web site.

Certification Verification Products for Professional Organizations

Learn about Certification Verification Products offered by ABMS and our partners. These products connect hospitals, managed care organizations, physician groups, certification verification organizations, insurers, recruiters and emergency response organizations with the freshest, highest quality certification information.