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ABMS MOC® acknowledges the growth and complexity of medical science, clinical care and the importance of the physician’s relationship with the patient in delivering quality clinical outcomes. It also requires proof that a physician has the practice-related knowledge to provide quality care in a particular specialty.

MOC is also a professional response to the need for public accountability and transparency. Through MOC, physicians demonstrate that they can assess the quality of care they provide compared to peers and national benchmarks and then apply the best evidence or consensus recommendations to improve that care.

Through a program of lifelong learning and on-going self-assessment, board certified physicians demonstrate their rigorous commitment to achieving quality clinical outcomes for patients in a responsive, patient-focused setting. See MOC Competencies and Criteria

The Benefits of MOC

Physicians benefi t from participating in MOC because they receive focused learning based on individual practice needs, increase efficiency and reduce malpractice premiums as well as the need for duplicate assessments of credentials, among other benefits.

Patients experience fewer medical errors, better communication and quality clinical outcomes when they choose a board certifi ed physician. Medical specialists who participate in MOC use the most current evidence-based guidelines and standards in their specialty and are widely recognized as leaders in the national movement for healthcare quality.

In fact, MOC is recognized as an important quality marker by insurers, hospitals, quality and credentialing organizations as well as the federal government. Through the MOC program, board certified physicians advance the standard of specialty medical care nationwide. Higher standards mean better care.