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The Ethics and Professionalism Committee (EPCOM) was established as a result of the ABMS Enhanced Public Trust Initiative 2008-2011 (EPTI). Along with other initiatives of the EPTI, the creation of an Ethics and Professionalism Committee was developed, in part, to contribute to the value of Board Certification to the public. As such, the Committee must now make strides in providing leadership on issues pertaining to ethics and professionalism for ABMS, its Member Boards and important stakeholders. As part of its initial efforts in this role, the Committee has established an operational definition of medical professionalism for ABMS and its Member Boards. The definition, approved at the January 18, 2012, ABMS Board of Directors meeting, is distinct from other existing definitions of medical professionalism, and takes into consideration the range of certification and Maintenance of Certification activities from the Member Boards.

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