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Keep Your Certification Information Up-to-date

Cultivating a culture of quality involves assuring seamless, timely access to certification information for consumers, government, hospitals, insurers and other professional organizations. ABMS is entrusted by its 24 Member Boards to act as the central registry for the collection and dissemination of information regarding the certification status of physicians we certify. Patients and professional organizations alike recognize ABMS as the premier resource for board certification information and benefit from being able to verify a certification through a single, trusted source. That’s why it is important to keep your professional profile as complete and current as possible.

When You Limit the Amount and Type of Information Available:

  • Your patient base expands more slowly because patients are reluctant to select a physician whose certification they cannot verify
  • Receiving privileges at a hospital or gaining acceptance into a health plan is more time-consuming (because credentialers must go directly to the ABMS Member Board to gather information about your certification)
  • Insurance reimbursements are delayed because it takes longer to verify your certification

Avoid these problems by carefully reviewing and updating your contact information sent to you annually by Elsevier, publisher of the Official ABMS® Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists®. Contact both ABMS and your Member Board with changes at other times of the year as soon as they take effect.

How to Update Your Personal Information

Requests for changes to your personal record should be submitted in writing on your physician letterhead. In your request, please include the last four digits of your social security number, birth date, medical graduation year and your current certifications. Make sure you include contact information (phone and/or email) where we can reach you to confirm your information directly with you if needed.

If you are requesting a change in address, provide both the previous address and the new address. Indicate whether the new address is for your home or office and if you would like it listed as your primary address.

Once complete, send this information to:
ABMS Database
353 North Clark Street, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60654

You may also fax the letter to us at (312)436-2700.