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ABMS is recognized by The Joint Commission and other accrediting agencies as a primary source equivalent for board certification verification information. ABMS receives the data directly from its 24 Member Boards. It is provided through the services offered by designated ABMS Official Display Agents and is updated regularly.

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By accessing ABMS Board Certification verification information from an Official Display Agent, you can:

  • Review board certifications for specialists certified in more than 145 specialties and subspecialties
  • Confirm certification status, including active, expired and inactive certificates
  • Verify effective and expiration dates and complete certification history (from designated Primary Source services)
  • Print reports that confirm certifying boards, general certificate and subspecialties for individual physicians

Because board certification data can change it should be verified periodically. For this reason, is also recommended that verifications be conducted as close as possible to the time of decision, assessment or report.
Certification data may change for a variety of reasons, including:

  • New and recently certified diplomates (from all ABMS Member Boards) receive time-limited certificates which have specific expiration dates
  • ABMS Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC) programs are now required by all Member Boards for diplomates with time-limited certificates
  • Status changes may occur resulting in loss of certification
  • Subspecialty designations may be obtained by diplomates throughout their careers

Click here to learn more about options for accessing ABMS data for Primary Source Verification and non-Primary Source Verification.