Carol Clothier

c_clothier.jpg (2)Vice President, State Health Policy and Public Affairs

Carol Clothier is responsible for providing strategic leadership and operational oversight to a program of state policy development and advocacy to state medical boards, state legislatures and other policy organizations.

Ms. Clothier has over 20 years of communications, strategic planning and health policy experience, including a 15-year tenure with the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), where she served as vice president for strategic planning and physician competence initiatives, vice president of examination and post-licensure assessment services and assistant vice president for communications and education.  During her time at FSMB, Ms. Clothier assisted in the strategic management and oversight for initiatives aimed at improving health care quality through physician licensing. This included the addition of a test of clinical and communication skills to the national medical licensing examination for physicians and the development of policy recommendations for use by state medical boards in assuring physician licensees maintain their competence throughout their professional careers.

Prior to joining ABMS in 2011, Ms. Clothier worked as a consultant to ABMS, where she helped guide the ABMS Board of Directors to a decision to create a State Medical Board Outreach Program.

Her professional experience also includes roles with the American Hospital Association in Irving, Texas, Cornerstone Health Management in Dallas, Texas, and Horizon Health Management Company in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Ms. Clothier received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.