Board Certification Highlights

3grapics-01.jpgBoard certification from an ABMS Member Board is available in 37 specialties and 86 subspecialties. In the last decade, ABMS Member Boards have issued more than 370,000 specialty and subspecialty certificates to qualified and experienced individuals who have met rigorous requirements to achieve certification.

Certification includes a program for continuous professional development—the ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®)—that spans the physician’s entire career. Recognizing the value of this framework to encourage practice improvement and enhance care:

  • Many hospitals have independently made the decision to use board certification by an ABMS Member Board as part of the criteria for staff privileges;
  • Specialty societies, as well as state and national professional organizations, have developed discipline-specific learning modules, patient safety programs, quality improvement activities, and other educational and practice-based initiatives to support certification and maximize its benefit for physicians; and
  • Various quality organizations and health care purchasers view board certification as a means to help improve the level of care provided.

All these organizations look to the ABMS specialty certification process to help them identify excellence and commitment to professionalism, continuous practice assessment, and performance improvement.