Specialists Reflect on the Value of Certification

Specialists reflect on the value of ABMS MOC to stay current with clinical best practices for improving patient care.


Robert J. Clemons MD

“Education is central to MOC for both doctors AND patients. Knowledgeable, skilled doctors can continue to provide quality care. Informed patients can make better health care choices."

Family Medicine

Jamie L. Reedy MD, MPH

“Medicine is different now than it was 10 or 20 years ago. We have to be accountable for the health care we are providing.”

Mary Jo Welker, MD

“Something like Maintenance of Certification needed to happen so that we can show we are in fact doing the right things for our patients according to the guidelines and standards of care set by the profession.”

Internal Medicine

Kim L. Isaacs, MD, PhD

“Maintenance of Certification, to me, is more than a test. I think of it as ongoing continuing medical education.”

Amin Kaymar, MD, FASN

“Maintenance of Certification is absolutely essential; it is neither difficult nor terribly time-consuming, and ultimately improves your practice.”

Marcos Montagnini, MD, FACP

“While Maintenance of Certification is a time-intensive process and does require dedication – particularly in the time needed to prepare for the exam – it is very worthwhile and has really helped my practice.”

Medical Genetics

Mira B. Irons, MD

“Participating in MOC has become a valuable part of my professional life.”

Neurological Surgery

David McKalip, MD

“With MOC, we have the tools to stand strong.”

Nuclear Medicine

Janet Eary, MD

“Participating in MOC is an excellent experience that I am glad to be involved with.”

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Gary S. Clark, MD

“Given the push for greater accountability, MOC will become a differential competitive advantage among physicians. Participation in it is a wise decision in anticipation of future expectations.”

Christopher J. Garrison, MD, MBA

“Physicians as a group must take the lead in the improvement of health care. We have a duty to the patients we see to deliver increasingly better care and demonstrate this improvement to the many stakeholders in health care.”

Jeffery S. Johns, MD

“Maintenance of Certification is a train that is moving in the right direction, and it is time for everyone to get on board.”

James T. McDeavitt, MD

“Fostering the habits of lifelong learning will be a critical success factor for physicians in the future. The pace of change driven by disruptive technologies, economics and societal change is incredibly fast. Physicians will need to actively keep up, or be left behind.”

James A. Sliwa, DO

"MOC is our profession’s attempt to ensure that we maintain the level of knowledge needed for practice that we demonstrated when we were first certified"

Plastic Surgery

Keith E. Brandt, MD

“It’s absolutely critical that the specialty boards continue to evolve Maintenance of Certification because the specialists understand the uniqueness of their area of medicine. It should not fall into anyone else’s hands.”

Donald H. Lalonde, MD

“Look at the good things that are coming out of Maintenance of Certification. It’s a chance to assess your performance, improve your practice and to feel good about the fact that what you are doing is up to speed and best for your patients.”


Eric A. Brandser, MD

“The Maintenance of Certification process acknowledges that I keep looking and I keep striving to learn more and do better so that each year I’m a better radiologist than I was the year before.”

Rebecca M. Howell, PhD

“To patients, board certification insures a certain level of quality by the people that are going to be overseeing their care. I personally view it as a gold standard in terms of education, training and continuing of education.”

Anita Mahajan, MD

“Maintenance of Certification is an opportunity to show confidence in yourself and set an example for others.”