MOC Directory FAQ

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Find out which ABMS Member Boards are participating in ABMS MOC Directory.

What is the ABMS MOC Directory?
The ABMS MOC Directory is a repository of Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities approved by ABMS Member Boards, to meet the Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment requirements of the ABMS Programs for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®). Through the MOC Directory, ABMS Board Certified diplomates can find meaningful, practice-relevant MOC activities.

Who does the ABMS MOC Directory serve?
The ABMS MOC Directory is a resource for diplomates who need to complete accredited CME activities to fulfill the requirements of ABMS MOC®.

Is there a fee to use the ABMS MOC Directory?
ABMS does not charge a fee to use the ABMS MOC Directory. However, providers of the CME activities may charge users a registration fee to complete the activity. Such fees would be paid directly to the CME provider or sponsoring organization.

What types of activities are included in the ABMS MOC Directory?
The following types of activities are currently included in the MOC Directory: Internet Enduring Activities, Journal CME, Internet Point of Care, Live Activities, and Performance Improvement (PI-CME). All CME activities must be accredited through an Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Accredited Provider (or joint provider) and be qualified to award credit(s) from one or more of the CME credit systems: AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, AAFP Prescribed Credit, ACOG Cognates, and AOA Category 1-A.

For ABMS Member Board Diplomates

What are the benefits of using the ABMS MOC Directory?
The ABMS MOC Directory provides access to high-quality, practice-relevant, accredited CME activities. Users can easily search activities that have been approved by one or more ABMS Member Boards. Users are encouraged to check back often, as new activities are routinely being added.

How are the activities accessed?
Activities are accessed from the Search MOC Activities page. Click on the name of a participating ABMS Member Board to see the available activities and the MOC program requirements.

Does the ABMS MOC Directory include activities available in foreign languages?
No. At this time activities listed in the ABMS MOC Directory are only available in English.

For CME Providers

What are the benefits of submitting an activity to the ABMS MOC Directory?
The ABMS MOC Directory is a single repository of activities from across the Member Boards community that are approved for MOC. Through the online submission form, CME providers can seek approvals from multiple ABMS Member Boards. The MOC Directory improves the alignment between ABMS Member Boards and the CME community, and advances the adoption of MOC activities that integrate one or more of the core competencies for MOC.

What is the process for submitting activities to the MOC Directory?
CME providers may submit their activities to the ABMS MOC Directory by completing the online submission form. Please see the submission instructions and checklist.

Is there a fee for submitting CME activities to the MOC Directory?
No. There is no fee for CME providers to submit activities at this time.

How are approved CME activities recognized and identified in the ABMS MOC Directory?
ABMS notifies the provider once a CME activity has been approved for inclusion in the ABMS MOC Directory. The notification will indicate which Member Boards gave approval and the type of MOC approval received. This MOC approval statement is displayed along with the CME accreditation and credit statement by the CME provider.