The CertLink User Experience

CertLink can help individuals learn more efficiently, not study harder. It combines the ease and automation of online longitudinal assessment with the timeliness of immediate scoring, critique, and suggested resources for self-study.

Whether using a desktop or tablet, users may see screens like these when taking an assessment and tracking their progress.

1. Question

While answering questions, users can access several tools such as a highlighter, calculator, and scratchpad. A timer displays the amount of time allotted to answer a question.

2. Confidence/Relevance

After submitting an answer, users are asked to indicate how confident they are in their response and the relevance of the question to their work. This feedback will determine the delivery of future questions and help improve content.

3. Critique

After answering each question, a critique is provided that explains the answer, helps identify knowledge gaps, and offers resources for further study.

4. Performance

The dashboard guides users through the assessment, providing real-time status information including personal performance and peer comparison on the questions answered, status on the number of questions remaining, and time left in the assessment period to finish answering questions and complete the assessment.

What is Longitudinal Assessment?

Longitudinal assessment is a proven method to help ensure continuous acquisition of knowledge over time. It helps individuals increase their understanding, continuing knowledge, and skills toward achieving the performance/practice standards in a field or specialty.

With this approach, shorter assessments of specific content are presented in regular intervals, requiring users to recall what was previously learned and then build on that knowledge. Incorrect answers trigger the system to repeat key information in a new question, keeping learning dynamic and continuous. Knowledge gained in this way can be more readily recalled and applied to various situations.