CertLink Helps ABMS Member Boards Provide a Better Continuous Certification Process

For time-strapped physician specialists, it’s never been more important – or more challenging – to keep up with the pace of new medical knowledge and meet their board requirements for continuing certification (recertification).

That’s why ABMS developed CertLink, which combines research-supported longitudinal assessment with personalized learning.

CertLink is being used by several ABMS Member Boards to create self-paced online programs for professional development that integrate learning and assessment into the pace of daily life. CertLink administrative tools are helping the Member Boards develop, manage, and conveniently deliver multiple-choice and article-based assessments and support completion of continuing certification and CME requirements. Physicians give CertLink a 98% satisfaction rating.

What participants are saying…

“My favorite aspect is that I can customize the question bank to fit my specific professional needs.”

“It promotes true learning and reviewing  material and is actually fun (rather than cramming for a test).”

“Love the ease of use, visibility of timer, and immediate feedback with answer explanations whether my response was correct or incorrect.”

“The feedback giving my score versus my peer comparison group is great!”

CertLink Benefits for the Continuing Certification Process

  • Offering the convenience of online assessment while maintaining a rigorous evaluation of knowledge.
  • Creating assessments that are specialty-specific and personalized to practice.
  • Administering shorter assessments of specific content at regular intervals which help ensure that physicians are keeping up to date more frequently.
  • Utilizing longitudinal assessment, spaced content repetition (clone questions), and physician-indicated confidence and relevance information, the boards track physician knowledge and knowledge retention over time and help physicians identify any knowledge gaps in a content area.
  • Including immediate performance feedback and personal dashboard that help to identify potential knowledge gaps and content-specific resources and references for continued learning.

ABMS Member Boards with CertLink Programs