Focused Practice Designation

The Focused Practice Designation, approved by ABMS in March 2017, provides an opportunity for Member Boards to set standards for, assess, and recognize areas of additional expertise that physicians acquire through their practice in a particular area of a specialty and/or subspecialty. The designation serves as an additional indication of a physician’s commitment to providing high-quality care for patients’ specific health needs.

The focused practice designation recognizes the value that physicians who devote a substantial portion of their practice to a specific area of a specialty and/or subspecialty can bring to improving patient care. For example, a physician certified in internal medicine may choose to focus their practice on work in the hospital setting. Physicians also may choose to focus their practice for specific patient populations, conditions, and/or specialized procedures that emerge as medicine evolves.

See the Focused Practice Designation FAQs[PDF], which includes a list of approved designations.