Patient Perspectives

Learn Their Stories

Susan Dentzer

Ms. Susan Dentzer, Senior Policy Adviser to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, describes ABMS Board Certification and MOC as “the public’s best hope for achieving the high quality, professional health care we all seek.”

Rosemary Gibson

Ms. Rosemary Gibson,author of Wall of Silence, founding member of the Consumers Union Safe Patient Network, and senior advisor at The Hastings Center, makes the point that the public wants to trust their doctor, but also wants independent verification that their doctor meets a higher standard. “Trust, but verify,” she writes, noting that “independent assessment pinpoints where a physician's competence can be improved.”

Know Their Views

Eve Kurtin, PharmD, MBA

Ms. Eve Kurtin, Founding Managing Director of Pacific Venture Group, suggests ABMS Board Certification and MOC mean to patients that their physicians are maintaining the skills, knowledge, and professionalism that they had when they first became Board Certified.

Margaret E. O’Kane

Ms. Margaret E. O'Kane, founding and current President of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, explains why MOC is critical to the public, saying that it's a "warranty...that this physician is keeping up with the latest medical knowledge."

In Their Words

“Physicians are an elite profession – one that is revered and admired by all of us,” she said. “And in return for that admiration and respect, I think, they should reassure us that they are holding themselves to very high standards.”
Leah Binder, MA, MGA
President and CEO of the Leapfrog Group, as quoted in an article entitled Internists Get A Break From Controversial Efforts To Bolster Performance written by Shefali Luthra and posted February 27, 2015 on the Kaiser Health News website.