CertLink Platform and Pilot Programs

ABMS Certlink logoCertLink® is an online platform powered by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) for the development and delivery of longitudinal assessments that help physicians evaluate their knowledge, fill knowledge gaps, and demonstrate proficiency. The platform opens opportunities to:

  • Create assessments focused on practice-relevant content
  • Offer access via desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Provide immediate, focused feedback and guidance to resources for further study
  • Present a personal dashboard that displays areas of strength and weakness

Member Board CertLink Pilot Programs

More than half of the ABMS Member Boards are participating in, or planning to participate in, pilot programs involving longitudinal assessment. A number of them are pairing the longitudinal assessment approach with CertLink to explore the platform’s capabilities.

The Member Boards that are developing CertLink pilot programs include:

More About CertLink

Learn more about how CertLink works, including sample screenshots[PDF] or email connect@mycertlink.org.

VIDEO: Dr. Mira Irons, ABMS’ Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, discusses CertLink, a longitudinal assessment platform that some Member Boards are using to create online assessment programs that drive physician professional development and learning. CertLink, which incorporates adult learning theory and mobile technology, allows the Member Boards to assess that their physicians are keeping up with specialty-specific standards and facilitate learning by asking them questions throughout the certification cycle instead of every six to ten years. Much of the content is driven by new practice guidelines, peer-reviewed articles, or advances in the specialty.