The CertLink User Experience: ABMS Member Boards

For the ABMS Member Boards, CertLink helps make the assessment process more worthwhile, more purposeful, and more effective in driving physician learning forward. Based on a Member Board’s assessment requirements, they can create a menu of available content topics and specialty specific information. Physicians select what is most relevant to their practice. CertLink uses these preferences to deliver the optimal assessment.

Whether using a desktop or tablet, users will see screens like these when taking an assessment and tracking their progress.

1. Question

ABMS CertLink Question Screenshot 728215388 MORENEW

Boards release a set of questions that physicians must answer within a certain timeframe to receive credit. While answering questions, users can access several tools such as a highlighter, calculator, and scratchpad. A timer displays the amount of time allotted to answer the question.

2. Confidence/Relevance

As users answer questions, they are asked to indicate how relevant the question is to their practice and how confident they are in their answer. This data along with performance data helps further optimize assessment delivery over time.  (Click screenshot to enlarge)

3. Critique

Physicians receive immediate feedback after each question, including an explanation of the correct answer and references for study.

4. Performance

The dashboard guides physicians through the assessment and tracks progress status. Personal performance and peer comparison on questions answered is provided.