2015 Forum on Organizational Quality Improvement

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Engaging physicians, aligning requirements, capitalizing on collaborations, and publishing improvement efforts associated with the ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program (Portfolio Program) were just some of the topics addressed at the Forum on Organizational Quality Improvement: Advancing Relevance, Alignment & Continuous Improvement in Portfolio Programs and MOC. Hosted by ABMS, in conjunction with the Portfolio Program and the American Board of Pediatrics Portfolio Program, the Forum was held on May 13-14, 2015 at the Loews Hotel in Rosemont, IL. Read a news release recap of the 2015 QI Forum.

Presenters from Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and University of Michigan Health System, among others, facilitated discussions on leadership concepts, ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®) quality initiatives, and best practices across Portfolio Program sponsors. Interactive breakout sessions provided an opportunity for participants to share program successes and challenges, as well as receive valuable insights on how to improve, problem solve, and advance MOC and quality improvement efforts.

Speaker presentations and posters highlighting best practices and research in both the Portfolio Programs and Member Board Programs for MOC are available to view below. View the forum program to learn more about the event, and view a collection of photos on our Facebook page.

Presentations from the Forum

ABMS 2015: Implications for Partners in Quality  Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA American Board of Medical Specialties
MOC Part IV QI Effort Submission & Review Process Christine T. Bloom, MPH Park Nicolette Institute
Seattle Children's Hospital Maintenance of Certification Program: Project Lifecycle  Debra Jensen Seattle Children’s Hospital
Engaging Physicians in MOC Part IV  Bruce A. Nitsche, MD Virginia Mason Medical Center
Quality-Education-Research: Triple Aim  Karen E. Heiser, PhD Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Publication and Dissemination of Quality Improvement Efforts  R. Van Harrison, PhD University of Michigan Medical School
Meaningful Participation in Part 4 Activities Virginia A. Moyer, MD, MPH, American Board of  Pediatrics
Meaningful Diplomate Participation in MOC - Develop Your Toolkit Lindsey Safford Marshfield Clinic
Improving Patient Hand-Over Iahn Gonsenhauser, MD, MBA Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University
Variability in Medicare Utilization and Payment among Urologists Joan S. Ko, MD James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute and Department of  Urology, Johns Hopkins University
Identify and Intervene With Emergency Department Frequent Users Michelle Lin, MD, MPH, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Embracing Educational Theory to Improve Care Daniel J. Schumacher, MD, MEd Boston University School of  Medicine
Surgeon-Specific Reporting – Merging Quality Improvement with Professional Development Stephanie Yi, MD Houston Methodist Hospital
Gaining Successful Organizational Leadership Support and Buy-in Within a Portfolio Sponsor Organization Richard E. McClead, Jr., MD, MHA Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio State University College of  Medicine
Gaining Successful Organizational Leadership Support and Buy-in Within a Portfolio Sponsor Organization Carla M. Pugh, MD, PhD University of  Wisconsin
Data Mining and Sharing across Organizations Lisa Hebert, MHS, PA-C Carolinas HealthCare System 
Portfolio Evaluation and Impact (ROI) for an Organization Grant Greenberg, MD, University of Michigan Health System 
Portfolio Program Data & Information: Choosing Measures for Pediatric QI Lloyd N. Werk, MD, MPH Nemours Children’s Health System 
Forum Debrief Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA  American Board of Medical Specialties
American Board of Pediatrics Update Virginia A. Moyer, MD, MPH  American Board of  Pediatrics
Lurie Children’s Hospital ABP MOC Portfolio Susanna McColley, MD Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of  Chicago
Maintenance of Certification Challenges and Successes April Taylor, MHA The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Posters from the Forum

Measuring What Matters: Top-Ranked Quality Indicators for Hospice and Palliative Care from the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

Author(s): Sydney Morss Dy, MD, MSc; Kasey B. Kiley, MPH; Katherine Ast, MSW, LCSW; Dale Lupu, PhD; Sally A. Norton, PhD, RN, FAAN; Susan C. McMillan, PhD, ARNP, FAAN; Keela Herr, PhD, RN, AGSF, FAAN; Joseph D. Rotella, MD, MBA, FAAHPM; David J. Casarett, MD, MA

Presenter(s): Katherine Ast, MSW, LCSW

American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Improving Maintenance of Certification Self-Assessment Through Collaboration and Innovation

Author(s): Mira Irons, MD; Nancy Davis, PhD; Robby Reynolds

Presenter(s): Susie Flynn and Nancy Davis, PhD

American Board of Medical Specialties

ACP Genesis Registry™: Early Experience and Results from an Internal Medicine Qualified Clinical Data Registry

Author(s): Laura Lee Hall, PhD; Thomson Kuhn; Selam Wubu; Ariann Polasky

Presenter(s): Norman Kahn Jr., MD

American College of Physicians

ACP Quality Connect: Diabetes Performance Improvement Initiative Successfully Links Clinical Registries and Quality Improvement to Pay-for-Performance Programs

Author(s): Laura Lee Hall, PhD; Anne Marie Smith, MBA; Selam Wubu; Margaret Palumbo, MPH

Presenter(s): Norman Kahn Jr., MD

American College of Physicians
ACR Value-Based PQI Project

Author(s): Rebecca Haines, MS, CAE; Judy Burleson, MHSA; Nancy Fredericks, MBA

Presenter(s): Norman Kahn Jr., MD
American College of Radiology

Improving Blood Pressure Control in Ambulatory Care: An Updated M.A.P.

Author(s): Donna Daniel, PhD; Lisa Lubomski, PhD; Lisa Cooper, MD, MPH; Omar Hasan, MBBS, MPH, MS; Romsai Tony Boonyasai, MD, MPH; Michael Rakotz, MD; Linda Murakami, RN, MSHA; Erika Hoogesteger, MBA; Greg Wozniak, PhD; Tamkeen Khan, PhD; Jill Marsteller, PhD, MPP2; Shahid Choudhry, PhD; Vikas Bhala, MPH, MBA; Matthew Wynia, MD, MPH

Presenter(s): Donna Daniel, PhD and Shahid Choudhry, PhD

American Medical Association
Quality Improvement in Patient Safety

Author(s): Devon Sabolchick, MEd; Matt Smith; Asma Ali, MS ERM, PhD(c)

Presenter(s): Devon Sabolchick, MEd and Matt Smith

American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

Simulation Education: Practice Improvements Implementation for Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology

Author(s): Michelle Michelotti, BS; Josh Vognsen, BS

Presenter(s): Josh Vognsen, BS

American Society of Anesthesiologists
ASA Practice Performance Assessment and Improvement Program — Evolution to Quality

Author(s): Vjeko Hlede; Gerry Higgins

Presenter(s): Vjeko Hlede and Gerry Higgins

American Society of Anesthesiologists
Embracing Educational Theory to Improve Care: Development of Part II and IV MOC Activities for Lifelong Learning and Practice Improvement

Author(s): Daniel J. Schumacher, MD, MEd; Carol Carraccio, MD, MA

Presenter(s): Daniel J. Schumacher, MD, MEd

Boston Medical Center/American Board of Pediatrics
Identify and Intervene with Frequent ED Users

Author(s): Michelle P. Lin, MD, MPH; Joshua Goldner, MD; Michelle Higgins, PA-C; Elisabeth Lessenich, MD; Jeremiah D. Schuur, MD,

Presenter(s): Michelle P. Lin, MD, MPH

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Optimizing Physicians as Leaders in QI Through MOC Author(s): Lisa Hebert, MHS, PA-C; Elizabeth Handy, RN, MBA, CMPE; Lara Cassidy, RN, MSN, CPHQ; Amber Furr, RN; Erin Sweeney, MSML

Presenter(s): Lisa Hebert, MHS, PA-C

Carolinas HealthCare System

Improving Documentation of the Asthma Control Test Using Patient-Caregiver Electronic Entry

Author(s): Helen Murphy, BHS RRT AE-C; Lory Harte, PharmD, CPHQ; Jolynn Parker, RN, BSN, CPN; Mamta Reddy, MD

Presenter(s): Mamta Reddy, MD

Children’s Mercy Hospital

Implementation of Evidence Based Consensus Practice Guiding the Use of Oxytocin

Author(s): Jodi Jackson, MD; Elizabeth Wickstrom, MD, FACOG; Betsi Anderson, RN, BSN, CPHQ

Presenter(s): Jodi Jackson, MD

Children’s Mercy Hospital
Improving Care of the Infant at Risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Through a Standardized Family Centered Protocol and Nursing Education

Author(s): Betsy Knappen APRN, BSN; Kim Mason RN, BSN; Andrea Vance RN, BSN; Jodi Jackson, MD

Presenter(s): Jodi Jackson, MD
Children’s Mercy Hospital
Utilizing a Web-Based Data System to Facilitate MOC Implementation

Author(s): Jessica Ryan, MPH; Eminet Abebe Gurganus, MPH

Presenter(s): Jessica Ryan, MPH, and Eminet Abebe Gurganus, MPH

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Surgeon-Specific Reporting: Merging Quality Improvement with Professional Development

Author(s): Stephanie G. Yi, MD; Alexandra Anderson, MPH; Carol M. Ashton, MD, MPH; Barbara L. Bass, MD, FACS; Nelda P. Wray MD, MPH

Presenter(s): Stephanie G. Yi, MD

Houston Methodist Hospital

Mayo School of Continuous Professional Development, Best Practices and Innovation in QI and MOC Part IV

Author(s): Richard Berger, MD, PhD; Barbara Baasch Thomas, MA; Peggy Paulson, MS; Kathleen Olmstead, MEd; Yolanda Zimmer; Thomas D. Thacher, MD

Presenter(s): Peggy Paulson, MS, and Kathleen Olmstead, MEd

Mayo Clinic
Surgical Instrument Utilization Inefficiencies in Otolaryngology

Author(s): Spencer W. Greaves, MPH; Michael Stadler, MD

Presenter(s): Spencer W. Greaves, MPH

Medical College of Wisconsin

Quality Improvement Essentials: A Course to Facilitate Culture of Quality Care & MOC

Author(s): Richard E. McClead Jr., MD, MHA; Karen Heiser, PhD; Wallace Crandall, MD; Thomas Bartman, MD, PhD; Andrew Bethune, MA; Richard J. Brilli, MD

Presenter(s): Richard E. McClead Jr., MD, MHA

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Improving Process Measures Around Preschool Vision Screening of Children 3 to 5 Years of Age in Ohio Primary Care Practices

Author(s): Samantha Anzeljc, PhD ; Lisa Ziemnik, MD, FAAP; Stephanie Koscher, MA; Christy Bridge, MA; Wendy Klein, MCP; Allyson Van Horn, MPH, MEd; Elizabeth Dawson

Presenter(s): Samantha Anzeljc, PhD

Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Integrating and Improving Obesity-related Risk Assessment in Pediatric Well Child Visits During the First Five Years of Life

Author(s): Samantha Anzeljc, PhD; Amy R. Sternstein, MD, FAAP; Lisa Weston, MPA; Emia Oppenheim, RD, LD, PhD; Ann Weidenbenner, RD, MS

Presenter(s): Samantha Anzeljc, PhD

Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

A Quality Improvement Program Implemented into Primary Pediatrician Offices Can Encourage Families to Practice Safer Behaviors

Author(s): Mike Gittelman, MD; Sarah Denny, MD; Samantha Anzeljc, PhD; Mike FitzGerald, PhD; Melissa Wervey Arnold, BSJ

Presenter(s): Heather Maciejewski

Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Improving Physician-to-Physician Handoffs Across the Continuum

Author(s): April Taylor, MS, MHA, CPHQ, CPPS; Lauren Tanzer, MS, PMP; Kathy Shaw, MD, MSCE; Alison Marx, MBA

Presenter(s): April Taylor, MS, MHA, CPHQ, CPPS

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Variability in Medicare Utilization and Payment Among Urologists

Author(s): Joan S. Ko, MD; Heather Chalfin, MD; Bruce J. Trock, PhD; Zhaoyong Feng, MS; Elizabeth Humphreys, BS; Sung-Woo Park, MD, PhD; H. Ballentine Carter, MD; Kevin D. Frick, PhD; and Misop Han, MD, MS

Presenter(s): Joan S. Ko, MD

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Improving Multidisciplinary Patient Handover

Author(s): Iahn Gonsenhauser MD, MBA; Susan Moffatt-Bruce MD, PhD

Presenter(s): Iahn Gonsenhauser MD, MBA

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Kaiser Permanente - MOC Part IV

Author(s): Laura Brook-Bohin

Presenter(s): Craig Robbins, MD, MO

The Permanente Federation

Retrospective Analysis of the MOC Part 4 Portfolio Program Project, "Blood Pressure Control for People with Hypertension"

Author(s): Vallerie Kolasinski, MPH, CHES; David Price, MD, FAAFP, FACEHP

Presenter(s): Vallerie Kolasinski, MPH, CHES

The Permanente Medical Group

Aligning the Institutional MOC Approval Program with Revision of the Medical Student Curriculum – The UCSF Experience

Author(s): Jeffrey Tabas, MD; Sumant Ranji, MD; Glenn Rosenbluth, MD; Stacey Samuels, MA; Joey Bernal, MA; Tymothi Peters, BA; Robert Baron, MD, MS

Presenter(s): Jeffrey Tabas, MD, and Joey Bernal, MA
University of California, San Francisco

Helping Physicians Present and Publish Results of QI Projects Designated for Part IV MOC

Author(s): R. Van Harrison, PhD; Grant M. Greenberg, MD, MA, MHSA

Presenter(s): R. Van Harrison, PhD, and Grant M. Greenberg, MD, MA, MHSA

University of Michigan

Aligning Faculty and Resident Quality Improvement with Maintenance of Certification

Author(s): Jill Fenske, MD; Grant M. Greenberg, MD, MA, MHSA; David Serlin, MD; Allison Ursu, MD; Jean Wong, MD

Presenter(s): Grant M. Greenberg, MD, MA, MHSA

University of Michigan Health System

Improving Adolescent Immunization Rates through a Performance Improvement CME Activity

Author(s): Lois Colburn; Theodore Bruno, MD; Wendy Scales, PhD

Presenter(s): Lois Colburn
University of Nebraska Medical Center
National Improvement Partnership Network

Author(s): Judy Shaw EdD, MPH, RN, FAAP; Wendy Davis MD, FAAP; Jane McGrath MD, FAAP; Chuck Norlin MD, FAAP; Peggy Stemmler MD, MBA; Mark Weissman MD, FAAP

Presenter(s): Judy Shaw EdD, MPH, RN, FAAP
University of Vermont