2016 QI Forum Posters

The 2016 Forum on Quality Improvement, Engaging Medical Professionals in Program Quality and Performance Improvement, explored the emerging role of public policy on quality improvement (QI) and research. Hosted by ABMS, in conjunction with the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program (Portfolio Program™), the 2016 QI Forum was held May 11-12, 2016 at the Loews Hotel in Rosemont, IL. Health care leaders, QI experts, policy makers, leading researchers, and journal editors addressed the forces driving QI; shared ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®) quality initiatives and best practices across the Portfolio Program; and explored research and evaluation possibilities as well as dissemination opportunities. Speakers from organizations such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, American Medical Association, and University of Leicester in the United Kingdom discussed a variety of topics relevant to bridging the concepts of QI, policy, and research. The QI Forum featured interactive plenary sessions, tailored breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a poster session.

Posters highlighting best practices and research in organizational QI and MOC activities are available to view below. View the forum agenda to learn more about the event, see highlights of the keynote speakers' presentations along with other presentations, and view a collection of photos on our Facebook page.

Posters from the Forum

Advancing Alignment of CME with Maintenance of Certification

Presenter: Susie Flynn and Ilya Samovskiy

Author: Mira Irons, MD
American Board of Medical Specialties

Transforming Physician Assessment in Continuing Certification to a Longitudinal System of Assessment for Learning

Presenter: Lauren Harms, PMP; Jennifer Hess, MPH

Authors: ABMS CertLink™ Development Team
American Board of Medical Specialties

Healthy Active Living:  An Alabama-Based Pediatric Obesity Prevention and Treatment Quality Improvement Collaborative

Presenter: Elizabeth Cason Benton, MD, FAAP

Author: Elizabeth Cason Benton, MD, FAAP
Alabama Child Health Improvement Alliance

ACP Genesis Registry™: Growth of a Multi-Specialty Qualified Clinical Data Registry Driven by Performance Reporting

Presenter: Selam Wubu

Authors: Laura Lee Hall, PhD; Thomson Kuhn, MA; Selam Wubu; Ariann Polasky; and Robert Gluckman, MD, FACP
American College of Physicians
Making CLEaR Connections - Expanding Physician Engagement in QI by Partnering with Graduate Medical Education

Presenter: Theresa Frederick

Authors: Theresa Frederick; Kristin Ouweneel; and Deb Simpson, PhD
Aurora Health Care

Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative: AMA's role as a Support and Alignment Network

Presenter: Lance Mueller

Author: Lance Mueller
American Medical Association
Networked Learning – an Omnipresent but Unrecognised QI Tool

Presenter: Vjeko Hlede, DVM, CHCP

Author: Vjeko Hlede, DVM, CHCP
American Society of Anesthesiologists

Optimizing EMR Usage to Improve Outcomes for Premature Infants in a Pediatric Primary Care Clinic

Presenter: Jodi Wenger, MD

Authors: Rebecca Levin, MS; Kira Mascho, MS; Jack Maypole, MD; and Jodi Wenger, MD
Boston Medical Center
The Value of a QI and CME Collaboration in the MOC Portfolio Program

Presenters: Emma Trucks, MPH and Emily Jansen, MPH

Authors: Emma Trucks, MPH; Julie White, MS; Lara Zisblatt, EdD; Emily Jansen, MPH; and James M. Moses, MD
Boston Medical Center
Utilizing the Carolinas HealthCare System Maintenance of Certification Part IV Portfolio Program to Engage and Align Pediatric Physicians with Implementing Point of Care Asthma Spirometry

Presenters: Amber Furr, RN and  Elizabeth Handy, BSN, MBA, CMPE

Authors: Amber Furr, RN;  Erin Sweeney, MSML; Holly Harron, BSRT, RRT, RCP;  Jennifer Laptewicz, MSN, RN, CPHQ;  Lara Cassidy, RN, MSN, CPHQ;  Lisa Gianferante, MHS, PA-C; and  Elizabeth Handy, BSN, MBA, CMPE
Carolinas Healthcare System
Collaborating to Develop Quality Improvement Projects and Engage Physicians

Presenter: Jessica Ryan, MPH

Authors: Eminet Abebe Gurganus, MPH and Jessica Ryan, MPH
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
A Pilot Study Examining the Usefulness of a Quality Improvement (QI) Self-Assessment Tool for the Evaluation of Diagnostic Imaging Case Studies and Reports

Presenter: Frank Vermeiren, MS, RT (R)(CV), RDCS

Authors: Anne Lilly, MSPH;  Frank Vermeiren, MS, RT (R)(CV), RDCS; and Mary Lally, MS, CAE
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission

MOC Part-IV as a Driver to Engage ACO Physician Participation in Improving MSSP Measure Sets in Cancer Screening

Presenter: Pam Kittleson, RPh

Authors: Pam Kittleson, RPh; Mary W. Ales; Joleen Huneke; Kate Nisbet, MBA;  and Heidi Ness
Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association

Standardizing Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to Reduce Errors

Presenter: Kathy Renn, ARNP, MS

Authors: Fauzia Shakeel, MD; Jacquelyn Crews, MD; Russell Sayles, PharmD; Jazmine Mateus, MPH; Kathy Renn, ARNP, MS; and Denise Remus, PhD, RN
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
Maintenance of Certification (MOC) - What Does It Have to Do with Quality Improvement?

Presenter: Peggy Paulson, MS

Authors: Peggy Paulson, MS;  Erik St Louis, MD; and Thomas Thacher, MD
Mayo Clinic
Building Mental Wellness - Using an Integrative Approach to Building Mental Wellness into Primary Care

Presenters: Melissa King, PhD, MPA and Heather Maciejewski

Authors: Melissa King, PhD, MPA; Heather Maciejewski; Sean O’Hanlon; Cathy Jaworski, MSN, RN-BC; John C. Duby, MD; Rebecca A. Baum, MD; and Lawrence S. Wissow, MD, MPH
Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Efficacy of the Parenting at Mealtime and Playtime Learning Collaborative – Replication and Sustainability Results

Presenter: Samantha Anzeljc, PhD

Authors: Samantha Anzeljc, PhD, Amy R. Sternstein, MD FAAP; Elizabeth Zmuda; Lisa Weston, MPA; Emia Oppenheim, RD, LD, PhD; and Ann Weidenbenner, RD, MS
Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Clinical Decision Support Interventions to Reduce CAUTI: Pitfalls of Implementation

Presenters: Zachary N. Gordon, MD

Authors: Zachary N. Gordon, MD; Julie E. Mangino, MD; Daniel S. Eiferman, MD; Iahn Gonsenhauser, MD; and Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, MD, PhD
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center – Portfolio Program Sponsor Poster Challenge Winner
Overestimating CAUTIs - The Value of Urine Culture in Evaluation of Fever

Presenter: Zachary N. Gordon, MD

Authors: Zachary N. Gordon, MD; Julie E. Mangino, MD; Daniel S. Eiferman, MD; Iahn Gonsenhauser, MD; and Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, MD, PhD
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Evaluation of a Maintenance of Certification Quality Improvement Project to Increase Patient Satisfaction

Presenters: Vallerie Kolasinski, MPH, CHES and  Mary Choi, MPH

Authors: Vallerie Kolasinski, MPH, CHES and  Mary Choi, MPH

The Permanente Medical Group – Portfolio Program Sponsor Poster Challenge Finalist

Educational Effectiveness of Part 4 Maintenance of Certification

Presenter: Joel Tieder, MD, MPH

Authors: Joel S. Tieder, MD, MPH; Sean P. Prall, PhD; Jimmy Beck, MD, MEd; Debra Jensen; Deepthi Nair, MS; and Jan D. Carline, PhD   
Seattle Children's Hospital

Improving Handoffs between Attending Physicians - Using Direct Peer-Observation and Coaching 

Presenter: Joel S. Tieder, MD, MPH  

Authors: Jimmy B. Beck, MD, MEd; Assaf Oron, PhD;  Debra Jensen;  and Joel S. Tieder, MD, MPH  
Seattle Children's Hospital - Portfolio Program Sponsor Poster Challenge Finalist

Faculty Peer Observation and Coaching to Improve Patient- and Family-Centered Rounds

Presenter: Joel S. Tieder, MD, MPH

Authors: Sahar N. Rooholamini, MD, MPH;  Emily Ruedinger, MD;  Debra Jensen, BA;  and Joel S. Tieder, MD, MPH
Seattle Children's Hospital and University of Washington

Utilizing Lean Tools to Facilitate Faculty and Administrative Support for MOC

Presenters: Muhammad Jaffar, MD and Miranda Morris, MA

Authors: Chris Cargile, MD; Miranda Morris, MA; Lea Mabry, MEd; and Muhammad Jaffar, MD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Award Credit Where Credit is Due: Alignment of UCSF’s Maintenance of Certification Part IV Approval Program and the Resident and Clinical Fellow Quality Improvement Incentive Program

Presenter: Joey Bernal, MA

Authors: Jeffrey Tabas, MD; Glenn Rosenbluth, MD; Joey Bernal, MA; and Robert B. Baron, MD, MS
University of California San Francisco
Aligning Approval and Documentation of QI Participation for Both Part IV MOC and PI CME

Presenter: R. Van Harrison, PhD

Authors: R. Van Harrison, PhD; Julie Rebeau, BAA; Grant M. Greenberg, MD, MHA, MHSA; and Cheryl T. Lee, MD
University of Michigan
Leveraging Portfolio Sponsorship to Increase Engagement and Create System-Level Improvement Alignment

Presenter: Brittany Patterson, BS

Authors: Brittany Patterson, BS; Kim Mahoney, BS; Chrissy Daniels, MS; and Robert Pendleton, MD, CMQO
University of Utah