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ABMS Announces Launch of New Maintenance of Certification Directory Powered by MedEdPORTAL’S CE Directory

ABMS Announces Launch of New Maintenance of Certification Directory Powered by MedEdPORTAL’S CE Directory

UPDATE: The ABMS MOC Directory is now the ABMS Continuing Certification DirectoryTM and can be found at

Partnership between American Board of Medical Specialties and Association of American Medical Colleges allows for development of new MOC approved activities directory

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), a leading organization that oversees physician Board Certification and the Program for Maintenance of Certification (MOC®) in the United States, in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), jointly announced today the launch of the new ABMS MOC Directory, powered by MedEdPORTAL’S CE Directory, offering benefits to both Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers and Board Certified diplomates seeking MOC credit.

For ABMS Member Board diplomates, the MOC Directory offers access to a comprehensive, centralized repository of approved MOC activities across medical specialties and subspecialties. For CME providers, the ABMS MOC Directory’s common submission form offers a simple way to submit and receive approval for MOC credit.

“The MOC Directory was created in response to a need identified by our Member Boards and their diplomates for a system that would offer a consistent submission and process that improves access to relevant, accredited CME MOC activities,” explained Mira Irons, MD, ABMS Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs. “Working with the team from the AAMC, we have been able to create a directory that will not only increase the overall inventory of relevant MOC activities, but will reduce the administrative burden for physicians participating in MOC by identifying activities approved by multiple ABMS Member Boards in one central location.”

“The AAMC is pleased to collaborate with ABMS to assist American diplomates with gaining access to high-quality Maintenance of Certification activities, created by the nation’s accredited CME providers,” said Robby Reynolds, AAMC Senior Director of Medical Education Online Resources. “As part of the CE Directory, which was developed to promote the availability of CE credited activities in support of patient care, lifelong learning, re-licensure, and maintenance of certification goals, the ABMS MOC Directory offers a platform of learning resources aimed at helping these physicians deliver best-evidence clinical care.”

The MOC Directory is another example of the commitment that ABMS and its Member Boards have made toward innovation within the MOC framework. As the MOC Directory continues to grow, it is expected to meet the expanded needs of ABMS Member Board diplomates, especially with regard to access to MOC Part II: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment and MOC Part IV: Improvement in Medical Practice activities.

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