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ABMS Selects 2015-16 Visiting Scholars

ABMS Selects 2015-16 Visiting Scholars

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Research and Education Foundation has selected five physicians to participate in its Visiting Scholars Program for 2015-16.

Launched last year, the one-year, part-time program facilitates research projects designed to improve patient care. The program also exposes the scholars to the fields of professional assessment and education, health policy, and quality improvement (QI).

“The Visiting Scholars Program facilitates research that has the potential to address critical health care needs in the United States and better measure patient outcomes, while assisting physicians with continuous professional development,” said ABMS President and Chief Executive Officer Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA. “It also facilitates the scholars’ development of leadership skills helpful for their own career growth and success.”

The five ABMS Visiting Scholars are:

  • Maya Babu, MD, MBA, Neurological Surgery Resident, Mayo Clinic
    Project: The Aging Neurosurgeon: Perceptions of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and Recognized Focused Practice
    This study will determine clinically active neurosurgeons’ perceptions about the value of MOC and Recognized Focused Practice. It will also explore the construction of a meaningful MOC process that achieves the goals of providing education and confirming clinical competency for the specialty.
  • Zachary Gordon, MD, Urology Resident, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
    Project: Using the Rothman Index to Predict Perioperative Complications and Improve Overall Quality of Care
    This research will assess the impact of early interventions, based on trends in the Rothman Index, and evaluate the index’s potential to be used to improve patient care.
  • Nadia Huancahuari, MD, MA, Instructor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    Project: Disparities in Emergency Department Sepsis Care Due to Language Differences
    This project will determine if language differences contribute to disparities in Emergency Department sepsis care. It will include the development of a sepsis MOC module and chart review activity that will instruct Emergency Department providers on early recognition of sepsis and the effects of Sepsis Bundle completion on survival.
  • Michael Stadler, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences, Medical College of Wisconsin
    Project: Utilization of Care Pathways to Decrease Surgical Readmissions
    This study will evaluate the use of care pathways to decrease readmissions of high-risk otolaryngology surgical patients.This intervention is applicable to other disciplines and can serve as a model for potential QI initiatives for the ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program, of which the Medical College of Wisconsin is a sponsor.
  • Benjamin Wooster, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery Resident, Duke University
    Project: Does Anatomic Knowledge Correlate with Surgical Competency? A Multi-center Study
    This research, which is applicable to all specialties, may serve as a guide for developing educational programs and post-training opportunities using an outcomes-based approach for potential MOC activities.

This year, the program was expanded to include Member Board sponsored scholars. “The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) is very excited to support Dr. Wooster, who along with his mentor, has crafted a research project that collaborates with orthopaedic residency programs at Washington University and Harvard Medical School,” said ABOS Executive Director Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD. “His project aims to improve the quality of care delivered by ABOS diplomates and serves as an example of the types of QI initiatives created through participation in the Visiting Scholars Program. At ABOS, we think that’s an opportunity worth investing in.”

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