American Board of Medical Specialties Announces New Standards for Continuing Certification

ABMS Board of Directors approved new Standards for Continuing Certification at its October meeting, culminating...

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Statement Regarding the Release of the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission Final Report to the ABMS Board of Directors

On February 13, 2019

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its 24 Member Boards commend the members of the Continuing Board Certification: Vision of the Future Commission (Commission) for their dedication and hard work in creating their final report (PDF) for the ABMS Board of Directors…

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ABMS Statement on US DOJ Response to Proposed Maryland Legislation

On September 18, 2018

In its letter, DOJ affirms that hospitals and health plans should be free to set their own quality standards and admonishes that any legislation to prevent consideration of MOC would diminish free, open, and fair competition among legitimate certifying bodies and might itself have anti-competitive effects. The DOJ acknowledges the value to consumers and health systems of “certifying that a provider has demonstrated a certain level of training, testing, or experience over and above other providers.”

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ABMS Statement on the JAMA Research Letter Regarding Member Board Certification Fees and Finances

On August 1, 2017

ABMS and its 24 Member Boards are committed to establishing and maintaining high quality standards for physician specialists. More than 860,000 physicians in the United States are board certified by one or more of the 24 ABMS Member Boards. ABMS Board certification is a recognized benchmark of public trust and represents a physician’s personal commitment to providing a high standard of quality patient care.


ABMS Statement on the ACGME Revised Common Program Requirements

On March 16, 2017

ABMS recognizes and commends the ACGME for its work in creating and issuing the approved revisions to Section VI of its Common Program Requirements. ABMS endorses the new requirements as they go beyond a singular focus on clinical and educational work hours, and address other essential components necessary for training our country’s next generation of physicians.

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