VIDEO: CertLink Transforming Continuing Certification

On June 1, 2020

Miriam “Mimi“ Blitzer, PhD, FACMG, CEO of the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics[PDF], and Rebecca L. Johnson, MD, CEO of the American Board of Pathology, discuss how CertLink® is transforming continuing certification. Unique features of this longitudinal assessment-based platform include the ability to customize questions to physicians’ practice areas and for participants to provide feedback about the questions. Board certified physicians like CertLink because it’s a convenient form of assessment that improves their practice and expands their medical knowledge.


Miriam Blitzer: The CertLink longitudinal assessment program for the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics is an opportunity for our diplomates to be assessed but also to have an opportunity to learn in their particular area of specialty practice. The pilot began in 2017 and we’ve had a tremendous turnout.

Rebecca Johnson: The American Board of Pathology launched its ABPath CertLink pilot in July of 2018, so were over a year now. It’s been very exciting. We’ve had far more participation and we anticipated and in January we will be auto-enrolling all of our time-limited diplomates so we’ll have over 9,000 participants.

Miriam Blitzer: So the CertLink platform allows us to tailor the items to some of these specialties. Given that our board has four five primary specialty areas this allows our diplomates to feel confident that they can be assessed in areas they practice the most. Rebecca Johnson: The convenience of CertLink is very attractive to our diplomates. The ability to take questions anytime from anywhere, the ability to make it very custom, and the ability to maintain their certification without having to take a high-stakes exam.

Miriam Blitzer: One of the features the diplomates really appreciate is the fact that, with every question that they respond to, they can give immediate feedback. They feel really empowered to do that but it also allows us to improve these questions as we move forward.

Rebecca Johnson: We’ve gotten wonderful feedback from our diplomates. It’s all been positive. I’ve heard things like it’s actually fun, I learned something, that it’s really convenient, that I look up the references and it really helps improve my practice by expanding my medical knowledge.

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