Continuing Board Certification: Achieving the Vision Task Forces Continue to Make Progress

On February 27, 2020

The Standards Task Force continues to make progress, working diligently to create a first draft of continuing certification program standards that are both relevant and reflective of today’s physicians’ practice. Committed to transparency and obtaining feedback from the wider community of certification stakeholders, the task force continues to access input from a variety of sources including the four “Achieving the Vision” task forces, the Oversight Committee, ABMS Stakeholder Council and other key, internal and external constituencies to help inform the draft framework and set of standards. To ensure that all certification stakeholders have the opportunity to review and comment on the final, new standards draft, the Task Force has committed to a substantial public commentary period slated to occur in late 2020.

As part of the American Board of Medical Specialties’ commitment to solicit external perspectives, the Oversight Committee, along with the five task force chairs, will meet with the American Medical Association’s Council on Medical Education in March. The Council represents a key national policy voice regarding physician education, and its reflections and feedback will help to further inform the work underway as well as offer an opportunity for the introduction of additional ideas for consideration.

In addition, the Council on Medical Education meeting will offer an opportunity for the Advancing Practice, Information & Data Sharing, Remediation, and Professionalism Task Forces to highlight their work to date that is separate from their efforts to inform the work of the Standards Task Force. These include plans to:

  • Identify professionalism assessment tools currently being utilized across the health care system
  • Develop governance processes for collaborative data sharing
  • Seek resources that support boards and diplomates with remediation processes and pathways
  • And establish more inclusive approaches to recognize activities that physicians are already doing to advance their practice.

Future Achieving the Vision Updates will offer additional insights into the work of the task forces as well as progress regarding the development of the new standards.

Please share this update with your colleagues and encourage them to engage with the process by subscribing to the Achieving the Vision updates. In addition, information about the work of the task forces and updates on the Member Boards’ progress is available on the “Achieving the Vision” webpage.

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