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ABMS Solutions, LLC oversees the licensing of online product solutions for Primary Source Verification (PSV) of a physician’s board certification. These resources allow hospitals and health systems as well as attorneys, insurance groups, and other professionals to check physicians’ records quickly, conveniently, and securely.

Our product offering includes annual subscription services, flexible search packages, and linkages direct to your electronic credentialing system. Depending on the product chosen, data can include certification effective and expiration dates, historical information of board certifications, as well as participating in the ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®).

Board certification data offered by ABMS Solutions complies with all PSV requirements as set by the Joint Commission, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and URAC. ABMS Solutions meets these rigorous requirements through the secure and timely reporting of credentialing information.

ABMS Solutions product offerings include:

  • CertiFACTS Online® is the original and most widely accepted professional online resource for checking board certification information in the ABMS database. CertiFACTS is available in both one- and two-year annual subscriptions that allow unlimited query capability.
  • ABMS Certification Profile Service® provides as-needed access to the ABMS database with query package options that do not expire.
  • ABMS Direct Connect® Select  helps credentialing professionals connect directly to the ABMS database through credentialing software platforms such as Cactus, MDStaff, CredentialSmart or Vistar.
  • ABMS Custom Data Services® can provide the specific data you need. Enhance or audit your records with custom data matching capabilities. Extract files available for bulk or one-time certification data on more than 920,000 physicians.

Visit the ABMS Solutions site to learn more, or contact the ABMS Solutions staff directly at sales@abmssolutions.com.