ABMS Guide to Medical Specialties

ABMS Guide to Medical Specialties 2024 (cover thumbnail)

ABMS is focused on improving the health of individuals, their families, and communities by elevating the discipline of specialty medicine through board certification. ABMS Member Board certification offers verification of a physician or medical specialist’s skills and expertise and their commitment to staying up to date in their specialty. It signals professional excellence and a commitment to the highest standard of patient care.

Follow the links below to access our publications and learn more about board certification and specialty medicine.

  • Download the ABMS Guide to Medical Specialties[PDF] for a list of the areas where physicians and medical specialists can be certified, and descriptions of each specialty and subspecialty area, including the types of conditions commonly treated.
  • A companion publication, the ABMS Board Certification Report is the only publication dedicated to information about ABMS Member Board certified specialists. It includes the official list of the specialty and subspecialty certificates approved by ABMS, the number of new specialty and subspecialty certificates issued in the last 10 years, and the distribution of board certified diplomates by ABMS Member Board, specialty, and state.