COCERT Invites Comments

The ABMS Committee on Certification (COCERT) is charged with the review and evaluation of ABMS Member Boards’ requests for new specialty certificates, subspecialty certificates, and focused practice designations.

The Public Comment process was designed by ABMS as a fixed, multi-stage process for establishing a new specialty or subspecialty certification, or focused practice designation. This thoughtful and rigorous process involves obtaining input from internal and external stakeholders, public comment, consideration by COCERT, and action by the ABMS Board of Directors.

COCERT welcomes comments from all interested parties on the following requests by ABMS Member Boards.

Posted comments will be shared with COCERT and the requesting Member Board(s) to allow them an opportunity to respond. Additionally, comments may be shared with other stakeholders and ABMS organizational units such as committees and work groups as appropriate.

Individuals interested in learning more about the specific requests for certificates or designations may contact the respective ABMS Member Board.

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Public Comment Option

COCERT will discuss and formally consider these requests during its September 12, 2023 meeting. An opportunity will also be provided during the meeting for stakeholders to provide a brief oral comment during an Open Forum. More information about the Open Forum will be provided in a future communication. The ABMS Board of Directors will potentially vote on these requests during its October 26–27, 2023 meeting.

  • The American Board of Surgery has withdrawn the application for a Focused Practice Designation in Comprehensive Breast Surgery for further internal discussion. Any future comment periods for this or other applications will be shared publicly on this page.
  • The American Board of Preventive Medicine is requesting to change the name of the Occupational Medicine specialty certificate to Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

Subspecialty Certifications

  • There are currently no new requests under consideration by COCERT

Focused Practice Designations

  • There are currently no new requests under consideration by COCERT

Notification of Future Comment Periods

Upcoming ABMS Member Board requests for public comment are posted below:

  • There are currently no new requests under consideration by COCERT.

ABMS will continue to announce upcoming requests and comment periods via email to interested parties. To be added to this list, please subscribe to the COCERT announcements list.


If you have questions related to COCERT, please contact