Benefits for Physicians and PAs

Easy submission templates help QI participants, coaches and trainers, and leaders receive credit for work you are already doing in areas such as:

  • Prevention and public health issues – opioid abuse, health disparities, mental health
  • Specific diseases – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer
  • Patient safety – sepsis, medication interactions, falls, immunizations
  • Resource stewardship – low back pain imaging, Choosing Wisely topics
  • Systems issues – transitions of care, reducing readmissions, message management

Benefits for Sponsor Organizations — Open New Opportunities to:


practice-level innovation to reduce costs and create efficiencies systemwide


closer collaborations with and among QI, CME/CPD, credentialing, and information technology teams


patient experience of care and community health


professional development and promote personal well-being


relationships with other quality-centric organizations

Find out how the ABMS Portfolio Program can be a catalyst for more QI engagement


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“Our Portfolio Program is used as an incentive for providers who are participating in our quality improvement program. It’s an organized, common-sense format to guide someone through the process.”

Jill Heins-Nesvold, MS, MBA American Lung Association

“Not only does our work impact patients in a positive way, but our providers receive the added benefit of fulfilling part of their professional requirements.”

Richard H. Wiggins, III, MD University of Utah Health Sciences

“This program is so well run and so responsive. It’s a real win for both the organization and faculty.”

Jeffrey Tabas, MD University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

“Our projects have become more robust over the years. Now all our projects include two PDSA cycles and we cull our electronic medical records for advanced metrics to support our projects.”

Sean Powell, MD Kaiser Permanente Federation

“The Portfolio Program embraces the fact that the physician knows what is meaningful and what would help them and their patients and as well as helps them save time and qualify for credit.”

Marie Brown, MD, MACP American Medical Association

“Many physicians who have been participating in our Portfolio Program projects recognized that there was a potential for scholarly output. We saw this as an opportunity to further engage them and worked to identify those opportunities early in the project development, coach them, and work towards publication in QI journals and at conferences.”

Erin Alberda, MS, L.Ac Seattle Children’s Hospital

“One of the major benefits to our faculty is that they are able to use projects that are relevant to them both to get credit and improve their practices.”

Rani Gereige, MD, MPH, FAAP Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

“The ABMS Portfolio Program has become a catalyst to engage physicians in QI work. It provides a platform for physicians to bring their ideas forward for doing meaningful QI work in their area of expertise. At the same time, many of the QI projects align with the strategic priorities of the hospital.”

Joel Tieder, MD, MPH Seattle Children's Hospital

“ABMS Portfolio Program Sponsors are engaging in national collaboratives with health care systems and other stakeholders, including Specialty Societies impacting patient care across the country. Many of these quality improvement (QI) initiatives provide a framework that can be adapted in other institutions.”

Teena Nelson, MHA Manager, ABMS Portfolio Program

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