ABMS Research and Education Foundation Supports Continuing Certification Process

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The ABMS Research and Education Foundation (REF) is a not-for-profit organization that, through a variety of research and education initiatives, supports the ABMS mission of improving health care quality and the continuous professional development of physician specialists.

ABMS Research and Education Foundation’s Grant Program

The ABMS Research and Education Foundation grant program supports original research that provides insight into the process of achieving and maintaining the standards for medical specialty certification. These insights inform improvements in the structures, processes, and outcomes of certification.

Congratulations to those who received grants in 2024! We are grateful to all of the applicants for your time and thoughtful submissions.

Committed to Quality Health Care Delivery Through Research and Education Excellence

Founded in 1971, the ABMS REF actively builds collaborative partnerships with academic health centers, universities, hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations to develop and promote research programs.

The REF initiatives are centered on three key strategies:

  • Conducting and facilitating education initiatives for improving physician performance, protecting patient safety and setting higher standards to achieve improved health care
  • Guiding, facilitating and collaborating in research concerning certification from a national and international perspective
  • Developing relationships and securing funding to expand key activities for accomplishing its mission