The ABMS Visiting Scholars Program supports projects that seek to advance the research priorities of the ABMS Research and Education Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and co-sponsoring ABMS Member Boards.

  • Diagnostic and prognostic excellence within and across specialties
  • Adoption of competency-based medical education and assessments across certification programs
  • Racial equity and diversity across the health care continuum
  • Continuing certification programs impact on physician well-being
  • Physician engagement in quality improvement and patient safety

Scholars say the program helped shape their career path, advance their research, and forge long-term professional relationships.


with certification, research and data science subject matter experts


from national thought leaders in medical education, certification, and health policy


a professional network of colleagues across the board certification community


in ABMS community meetings, events, and professional health care forums


with research mentors and thought leaders across the certification community

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“The American Board of Medical Specialties really just opens up their doors and gives you as many opportunities as possible. It’s been fantastic.”

Sara Hunter, MD ABMS Visiting Scholars Alum

“The ABMS Visiting Scholars Program opened opportunities for us to collaborate with each other in the future.”

Divya Srikumaran, MD ABMS Visiting Scholars Alum

“If you have an innovative idea, this is a great program to submit to. It’s also a great way to build community.”

Benjamin Kinnear, MD ABMS Visiting Scholars Alum

“If you have an idea that you’re passionate about, this is the platform to put it on because you’ll have the resources, the support, and the professional network to bring that idea to fruition.”

Gina Badalato, MD ABMS Visiting Scholars Alum

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