What is ABMS Board Certification?

The board certification process was created more than 100 years ago as a comprehensive, independent evaluation of a physician specialist’s experience, knowledge and skills. It ensures that physicians are meeting the highest standards set by their peers practicing in a medical specialty.

Board certification represents specialty-specific training beyond medical licensure. It is a voluntary process that demonstrates a physician’s commitment to meeting a higher standard. In addition to graduating from medical school, board certified physicians have completed additional years of training at accredited programs and have passed an exam—and sometimes two—given by an ABMS Member Board.

To maintain their board certification, physicians continue to update their knowledge, participate in ongoing professional development, demonstrate that they are improving the care they provide, and consistently meet standards of professionalism. By meeting the requirements of continuing certification, physicians are making a concerted effort to stay up to date and to sustain and improve the quality of care they provide.