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Become Board Certified: Define the Specialist You Want to Be

As the health care environment becomes increasingly complex and challenging, the value of certification is more important than ever. Board certification from an ABMS Member Board is the best way to:

  • Distinguish and differentiate yourself in your area of expertise
  • Demonstrate to patients, employers, and the public that your knowledge reflects peer-developed standards in a specialty
  • Express your deep commitment to providing safe, quality care

The ABMS certifying boards continually work to improve program quality and offer options for better integration of assessment and learning. They are committed to protecting the:

  • Privilege of self-regulation
  • Integrity of the credential
  • Value in a reliable system for the public trust

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Certification That Works for You

Board certification sums up your clinical expertise, vast experience, dedication to patients and personal commitment to excellence and growth.


  • Validate your clinical knowledge
  • Uphold standards of excellence in patient care
  • Demonstrate pride in your specialty or subspecialty
  • Get the recognition you deserve
  • Distinguish yourself for advancement
  • Be a practitioner who sets the example among their peers
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“Physicians participating in the ABMS Portfolio Program are rewarded on two fronts: seeing the benefits of the QI work in their daily practice, and being awarded continuing certification credit for their contribution”

Teena Nelson, MHA Manager, ABMS Portfolio Program

“By stepping back and analyzing my practice procedures, I was able to identify several opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as patient care outcomes.”

General Physiatrist American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“It is important to make sure that physicians are practicing according to the most recent evidence-based advancements in medicine. We understand this process helps us function the way the public wants us to and helps our board show that we really are keeping up with the things that are changing in medicine.”

Family Physician American Board of Family Medicine

“I think the longitudinal assessment format of periodic question with immediate feedback is the best way to fulfill the objective of lifelong learning and staying current with practices and knowledge. It is also much more manageable with the busy lives of most of us who at this point are working full time and balancing family and work demands.”

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and Cytopathologist American Board of Radiology

“The ABMS Visiting Scholars Program’s ability to take early-career faculty and broaden their horizons to understand that there is more behind the education and training processes is inspiring. Thanks to the program, I met and reconnected with so many brilliant minds who are making broad, sweeping changes in the field.”

Brenessa M. Lindeman, MD, MEHP
American Board of Surgery ABMS Visiting Scholar Alum

“Activities in ABMS Continuing Certification Directory reflect the latest best practices, evidence-based guidelines, and educational initiatives.”

Greg Ogrinc, MD, MS ABMS Senior Vice President, Certification Standards and Programs

“I am grateful for all I learned from my experience as an ABMS Visiting Scholar and encourage early-career physicians to see for themselves how it can support, and even amplify their career aspirations, whether they are focused on patient care, education, or research.”

Brian T. Garibaldi, MD, MEHP
American Board of Internal Medicine ABMS Visiting Scholar Alum