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Board Certification Matters

ABMS works to educate health organizations, medical associations, policy makers, and the public on the importance of ABMS board certification in sustaining a strong medical specialty workforce to provide high-quality patient care.

ABMS’ Certification Matters briefs summarize key topics on ABMS board certification and why the credential is important in health care. The briefs are designed to help frame and inspire conversations with relevant stakeholders and those who need to better understand a topic.

Topics That Matter To You

evaluating board certification programs 2023 400px
Evaluating the legitimacy of a board certification program

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continuing certification enhancements offer value to participating physicians 2023215340 1
Enhanced continuing certification approaches offer physicians convenience and relevance

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abms member board certification a trusted credential 2023 400215517 1
Understanding the rigor of ABMS board certification programs

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continuing certification helps doctors stay up to date 2023215340 1
How continuing certification helps physicians stay up to date

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How ABMS board certification is preferred and trusted by patients

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studies show continuing certification improves patient care 2023215340 1
Studies that link continuing certification to improvements in patient care

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cme is not enough to ensure competence in a specialty 2023 400215517 1
Why CME is not enough to ensure competency in a specialty

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research shows physicians participating in continuing certification less likely to face disciplinary actions 2023215340 1
Research that ties participation in continuing certification to better professional behavior

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ABMS also can be a resource to support your advocacy on critical issues like physician well-being, professional self-regulation, misinformation in health care, scope of practice, and many other issues.

Supporting Value and Quality in Health Care

Since 1933, ABMS has supported physicians and the health care system by:

  • Assuring the public that they are being cared for by doctors who are committed to their health and well-being
  • Helping health care organizations achieve their quality and safety goals by providing a trusted indicator of a physician’s capabilities in their medical specialty
  • Recognizing and rewarding board certified physicians who are committed to lifelong learning and continually improving their practice

Recent Statements

Read ABMS statements addressing critical issues affecting physicians and specialists, the certification community, the health of the patients and communities we serve.

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