Become an ABMS Portfolio Program Sponsor

Today, more than ever, organizations like yours face greater challenges to maintain patient safety, provide quality services, and stay on the cutting edge of medicine, all while balancing cost and operational efficiencies. Becoming an ABMS Portfolio Program Sponsor is a great way to support your organizational improvement goals by offering an incentive to your physicians and physician assistants (PAs) to pursue improvements that impact patient health and health care delivery.

Grant Lynde, MD, MBA, Chief of Practice and Process Improvement in the Department of Anesthesiology at Emory University says the key to engaging physicians is designing initiatives that can demonstrate meaningful change and improvement in patient outcomes.

Visit our YouTube Playlist to learn more about how the ABMS Portfolio Program can align with organizational goals and physician/PA professional development needs.

Including the ABMS Portfolio Program in organizational QI planning can inspire innovative ways to work, influence systemic and systematic changes for advancing patient care, and contribute to improved patient outcomes. When optimally implemented, the ABMS Portfolio Program serves as a hub to connect your health care teams, departments, patients, and other stakeholders in important ways.

Portfolio Program Sponsor Role

The ABMS Portfolio Program provides you with a framework to support improvement work and ensure that the ‘meaningful participation’ requirements of the ABMS Portfolio Program are met. This can include guidance on framing the concept of an activity, the quality process around it, and the metrics behind it. The ABMS Portfolio Program is designed for physicians and PAs who:

  • Provide direct or consultative care to patients
  • Oversee clinical care delivery
  • Have an organizational leadership role in quality improvement or patient safety
  • Serve as a quality improvement coach, trainer, or student/resident QI advisor

As an ABMS Portfolio Program Sponsor, you also handle the essential administrative tasks related to credit confirmation, including:

  • Submitting eligible activities to the ABMS Portfolio Program.
  • Reviewing and approving attestations to ensure meaningful participation was met.
  • Sending confirmation of activity completion to the ABMS Portfolio Program for transmission to the appropriate ABMS Member Board(s) or the NCCPA for the awarding of continuing certification credit.

How to Apply

The ABMS Portfolio Program application process is completed online.

You should identify two QI/PI/PS activities (planned or completed) to use as examples when completing the application. Your application must include:

  • An overview of the internal QI infrastructure and governance structure that will be used to facilitate successful management and oversight of the program.
  • Information about how your organization operationalizes the planning, implementation, and monitoring of QI activities, as well as meaningful participation.

Contact the ABMS Portfolio Program staff throughout the application process for assistance.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed and responded to within 14 business days. In our review process, we give careful, individual attention to each application. We want to identify organizations looking to positively impact their quality improvement and patient safety outcomes (or maybe metrics), are committed to physician and PA engagement in QI training and education, and can:

  • Demonstrate competence in the development, oversight, and implementation of multiple physician- and physician PA-related QI/PI/PS activities that utilize structured improvement methodologies.
  • Allocate personnel to oversee, administer, and document that activities meet ABMS Portfolio Program requirements.
  • Support and encourage meaningful physician and PA participation in strategically aligned QI initiatives including dedicating the necessary resources and time to those initiatives.
  • Monitor, track, adjudicate and report meaningful physician and PA participation.
  • Submit ongoing physician completion data and annual progress reports.