Innovations in Assessment

The 24 ABMS Member Boards are constantly reviewing their processes to find areas where they can improve the assessment experience for physicians. Here are highlights of recent innovations from some of our boards.

American Board of Anesthesiology
It Takes a Village – A Board–Society Pilot Project to Develop Longitudinal Assessment Items

Anna Menzies and Robert Gaiser, MD, present a report on the American Board of Anesthesiology’s pilot program to work with medical societies on the development of longitudinal assessment items.

American Board of Internal Medicine
Practice Profiles – A Data-driven Approach to the Specialized Maintenance of Certification Exams

Pamela Kaliski, Kelly Foelber, and Jerome Clauser of the American Board of Internal Medicine present findings from the exploratory phase of developing specialized exams by using survey data to create practice profiles.

American Board of Nuclear Medicine
CertLink® Pilot Review and Creation of CertLink In-training

Maria Watts, MBA; Patrick Murphy, BS, RT, R, CT; and Leonie Gordon, MD report on the American Board of Nuclear Medicine’s pilot use of the CertLink platform as an in-training tool for residents and how it compared with their current booklet-format in-training examination.

American Board of Pediatrics
MOCA-Peds 2018 Pilot Results – Outcomes, Learning, Clinical Practice Changes, and What is to Come

Linda Althouse, PhD, presents on the American Board of Pediatrics’ MOCA-Peds pilot design, results, what they have learned in the process, and how they are different from other boards.

American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Evaluating Learning and Retention Outcomes – An ABPM&R Longitudinal Assessment Pilot

Larry Robinson, MD and Mikaela Raddatz, PhD from ABPM&R present an evaluation of the learning and retention outcomes of their longitudinal assessment pilot. They review the background of their current testing and the piloting of their own longitudinal assessment testing for a subset of their diplomates.

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