Chief Information Officer

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As Chief Information Officer, Bill Sivrais oversees the organization’s overall technology strategy, including cyber security operations, data procurement, protection, and reporting, as well as supplying information technology (IT) and data support to the 24 Member Boards. In addition, Mr. Sivrais maintains ABMS’ IT properties, ensuring they are operating on the most up-to-date, innovative and secure platforms.

Mr. Sivrais joined ABMS in 2017 and has held various roles with increasing responsibility within the organization, including Chief Technology Officer and Director of Information Technology. Prior to joining ABMS, he served as the Director of Information Technology and Virtual Chief Information Officer for Itegria, LLC, a leader in cloud-based infrastructure for elite investment firms. Before that, he was a Senior Systems Engineer/Analyst with the American Dental Association.

Throughout his career, Mr. Sivrais has led the development, implementation, and execution of critical strategies for more than 100 organizations. He has a demonstrated history of advancing an organization’s technology infrastructure and strategy, while ensuring its IT systems are aligned with its long-term business objectives. Mr. Sivrais has extensive knowledge and expertise in cloud architecture, cyber and information security, compliance, and business intelligence.

Mr. Sivrais earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University in Illinois.