Statement of Shared Values

The medical profession has traditionally held itself accountable for providing quality care to patients. At a time of rapid change in health care, it is the goal of physicians, specialists, and health systems to keep up with the explosion of knowledge, advances in technology, and changes in health care delivery systems. Demonstrating competence in the modern era is uniquely challenging, but fundamentally important.

What has not changed, however, is a set of shared foundational values that will continue to shape the practice of modern medicine. These values include a commitment to professionalism as demonstrated by the following:

  • Staying current with changes in medical practice through lifelong learning
  • Regularly assessing medical knowledge, judgment, and skills
  • Practicing safely and avoiding harm
  • Improving patients’ health and well-being
  • Constantly improving communication with and care of patients
  • Incorporating the values and preferences of patients in the delivery of care

The 24 ABMS medical and surgical specialty boards and their volunteers are proud to serve as a vehicle through which we demonstrate to ourselves, our patients, and the public that we are committed to these shared values.

The rapid changes in and complexity of medicine mean that the standards set by our boards will require constant evaluation and adjustment to meet the changing landscape, and we, as the medical and specialty boards, hold ourselves accountable for continually improving our programs.

View the Statement of Shared Values[PDF]