David Coursey

Director of Sales, ABMS Solutions

David Coursey leads the revenue strategy for ABMS Solutions, including managing existing data license business and developing new licensing partnerships. His experience and knowledge with the client base and market is extensive.  Mr. Coursey joined ABMS Solutions at its inception in January 2012 after leading the business and team during the transition of the CertiFACTS® Online business unit from the former parent company, TMP Directional Marketing (CertiFACTS Online), to ABMS.

Mr. Coursey began managing the CertiFACTS Online business in 2008, bringing over 10 years of sales and client management experience with a variety of organizations, including those in health care, banking, media, and trade associations.

Prior to joining CertiFACTS Online, Mr. Coursey was Director of Client Services with TMP Directional Marketing and Monster.com where he lead multi-functional account teams for 10 years with progressive responsibilities. During that time he managed a portfolio of varied B-to-B and B-to-C clients.

An Atlanta native, Mr. Coursey earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Georgia. He is active in a number of civic and arts organizations in metro Atlanta.