Task Forces Continue to Meet and Make Progress

On December 4, 2019

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its 24 Member Boards continue to make progress in implementing and addressing the recommendations shared in the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission’s final report.

All five of the task forces have held multiple conference calls, and all will meet in-person prior to the end of the calendar year. All have made significant progress in defining their charges and gathering additional input and valuable feedback from key internal and external stakeholders and constituencies throughout the greater health care community. The Advancing Practice, Professionalism, Remediation, and Standards task forces have been working to establish clear sets of “guiding principles” that will help frame their work moving forward. These guiding principles are being crafted with input from the Achieving the Vision Oversight Committee as well as the ABMS Stakeholder Council. The guiding principles for the four, noted task forces are anticipated to be completed before the new year and will be used to guide task force work in 2020.

The Standards Task Force continues to move forward in its work of redefining the framework for continuing certification and will be developing new standards for continuing certification by the end of 2020. The Remediation Task Force is finalizing its guiding principles and has begun to identify processes by which physicians will have opportunities to learn and improve prior to actions against their certificates.

As a community, the boards have already completed a key requirement regarding notification of hospitals and health systems regarding the use of certification for privileges. In addition, the Member Boards have signaled their intent to offer alternatives to the high-stakes, 10-year examination.

In addition to this regular update, information regarding the work of the task forces can be found on the Achieving the Vision web page.

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