American Board of Medical Specialties Shares Gratitude and Appreciation for All Who Helped Create and Inform the New Standards for Continuing Certification

On December 1, 2021

Volunteers from across the ABMS, health care and patient advocacy communities are recognized for their contributions to the Standards for Continuing Certification development Process.

The approval by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Board of Directors of the new Standards for Continuing Certification (Standards) represented the culmination of three years of consultation with physicians, professional and state medical societies, consumers, and other public stakeholders from across the health care spectrum to reconceive the way specialty recertification is conducted.

From the initial Planning Committee who established the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission to the members of the Commission, “Achieving the Vision” Task Forces and Oversight Committee, these dedicated volunteers helped lead the process that created the new Standards, which allow ABMS to deliver on its mission in two foundational ways. First, they support both the learning and improvement needs and desires of diplomates while providing the public with a reliable, and dependable credential. Secondly, the Standards acknowledge that professional self-regulation is a collaborative process that requires the involvement of partners including professional societies, ABMS’ Associate Members and hospitals and health systems who all have an important role in supporting their members’ engagement in meaningful learning and improvement work.

Like the Planning Committee and Commission before them, the adoption of the new Standards marks the end of the work of the Achieving the Vision Task Forces and Oversight Committee. A phased-in transition has begun to implement the Standards into the ABMS Member Boards’ continuing certification programs. ABMS will operationalize the oversight of the progress and support the Member Boards in their implementation efforts. And all remain committed to continue to assess, update, and modify these programs based on diplomate and public feedback.

ABMS wants to publicly express its gratitude and appreciation to all the various Committee, Task Force and Commission members, as well as the various stakeholders and members of the health care community and public who dedicated time or provided input to help create these Standards. Each played an important role in ensuring the transparency and inclusiveness of the process as well as helping to establish Standards which will serve and inform the future of continuing board certification.

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