We’re aiming higher to make a difference in continuing professional development

It has never been more important — or more challenging — for physicians and medical specialists to keep up with the pace of new medical knowledge and meet their board requirements for continuing certification.

That’s why the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) continues to build on the value of board certification.

Resources from ABMS

View these resources to learn more about ABMS’ focus to support professionalism, protect self-regulation, and safeguard the public trust in certification.

Standards and Policy

ABMS Standards for Continuing Certification

Learn about the standards that promote the design of integrated, specialty-specific programs by the ABMS Member Boards to support diplomates’ continuing professional development.

ABMS Policy on Professional Conduct

Read the policy which eliminates the requirement of automatic termination of a certificate in every instance of disciplinary action by a licensing board.

Formative Assessment Innovations

View our poster[PDF] about the new role of assessment in certification and how ABMS Member Boards are incorporating formative approaches to support professional development.

Learn more about ABMS Member Boards’ innovations in formative assessment by reading the latest issue of ABMS Insights.

About Board Certification

Value of ABMS Board Certification

Learn how board certification provides an ongoing independent evaluation to assure that the specialty physician workforce is skilled and competent, continuously engages in professional development, and meets the standards of practice established by their peers.

Why ABMS Member Board Certification is Trusted by the Public and the Profession
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Read how ABMS ensures board certification[PDF] is both relevant to and supportive of diplomates’ learning and improvement needs while offering the public a reliable means of verifying that diplomates continuously demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professionalism to provide high-quality specialty care.

How to Evaluate Board Certification Programs

Know the important questions[PDF] to ask when evaluating physician certification programs.

AMA Definition of Specialty Certification

Recognizing that more organizations claim to offer specialty certifications, the American Medical Association offers this definition of specialty certification.

At the heart of the ABMS mission lies a single guiding belief: Everyone deserves high-quality health care. ABMS lives its mission by ensuring that physician and medical specialists certified by an ABMS Member Board have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide the best care.

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