Continuing Certification Directory

Connecting Physicians with Practice-Relevant Activities for Certification

The ABMS Continuing Certification Directory® provides board certified physicians an online collection of practice-relevant, accredited continuing medical education (CME) activities for certification. Competency-based activities are routinely added following review and approval by one or more of the ABMS Member Boards. Activities are accredited for CME through the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) system. They reflect important updates in specialty medicine and high priority national health initiatives.

Board approved CME activities are categorized by ABMS specialty/subspecialty or by ABMS-ACGME competency. CME providers may submit accredited CME activities for review by the participating ABMS Member Boards.

Program Advantages

The higher standards of ABMS board certification encourage physicians to continue learning as long as they are serving in the profession. Board certification fosters a community of learners through ongoing assessment, practical feedback, and connections to learning opportunities. The Continuing Certification Directory helps physicians strategically pursue continuing medical education, refreshing and retooling their knowledge and skills to meet the latest advances in specialty medicine.

  • Addresses practice-relevant knowledge gaps. Activities are self-directed and physicians can choose those that are best suited to their needs and scope of practice.
  • Provides new information related to clinical practice. Activities reflect the latest best practices and educational initiatives for encouraging the development of high-functioning physicians.
  • Streamlines the certification approval process for CME providers. A single submission form makes it easy to gain approvals from multiple ABMS Member Boards

For More Information

See the ABMS Continuing Certification Directory FAQs

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VIDEO: Dr. Anthony Chiodo, Chair of the ABPMR Board of Directors, discusses how useful the ABMS Continuing Certification Directory is for diplomates to access CME and self-assessment activities. He says using it “makes a physician’s life easier.”