ABMS Call for Physician Remediation Programs and Resources

On March 3, 2021

The Continuing Professional Development and the Physician Remediation communities are invited to submit programs and resources for the ABMS Continuing Certification Directory.

In its ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement of ABMS Member Boards’ continuing certification programs, the ABMS Remediation Task Force, a collaborative task force comprised of national thought leaders on physician remediation and leaders from the ABMS Member Board community, seeks to:

  • Support diplomates’ ability to address a performance or participation deficit prior to a change in certification status
  • Offer a collection of remediation resources and programs for the ABMS Member Boards and their diplomates

The Task Force has defined remediation as addressing an “identified deficit” prior to a change in certification status. The Task Force supports the role of the Member Boards in facilitating opportunities for diplomates to learn and improve prior to the loss of certification as well as the role of external stakeholders in providing comprehensive approaches to assess, diagnose, and remediate identified deficits. Additionally, the Task Force seeks programs and resources for both longitudinal assessment programs (LAP) and non-LAP certification programs that effectively serve diplomates and improve the delivery of quality patient care.

ABMS invites members of the CPD and physician remediation community to submit programs and resources (accredited and non-accredited) to support the development of high-functioning physicians based on the following priority criteria:

  • Supports specialty-specific and subspecialty interventions
  • Mitigates non-value-added variations in processes and programs
  • Establishes performance and successful level of engagement thresholds across one or more of the ABMS core competencies
  • Focuses on risk and patient-safety
  • Demonstrates improvement in physician competence, knowledge, and performance
  • Contributes to an effective diplomate engagement and communication strategy to improve diplomate outcomes prior to loss of certification
  • Rooted in evidence but allows for flexibility and adaptability for the following:
    1. Current or emerging methods, programs, and tools that assess professionalism; quality of care; and new or existing knowledge, judgment, or skills
    2. Practice-relevant data sets that support remediation efforts
    3. The complexity of the evolving health care delivery system
    4. Advances in clinical practice that assist in the remediation process
    5. Applicable across multiple specialties and practice settings
    6. Effective communication strategies that can be made publicly available to diplomates, credentialers, and other external stakeholders

Remediation programs and resources will be submitted through the ABMS submission form. Programs and resources will be evaluated based upon priority criteria and their alignment with Member Boards’ continuing certification programs. Approved programs and resources will be indexed in the ABMS Continuing Certification Directory.

Learn more about ABMS continuing certification programs. For questions about the ABMS Call for Remediation Programs and Resources, contact Susie Flynn, Director, Certification Standards and Programs, ABMS at sflynn@abms.org.

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