The American Board of Medical Specialties Supports State Medical Boards’ Autonomy Regarding Licensing Actions

On March 14, 2022

State medical boards have an important duty to protect the public from physicians who may be placing their patients’ health and safety at risk. State legislation aimed at limiting these boards’ ability to act is dangerous and undermines the inherent trust in medicine, science, and the profession held by the communities we serve. The American Board of Medical Specialties supports the Federation of State Medical Board’s statement opposing legislative efforts to limit State Medical Boards’ authority to investigate patient harm. Inhibiting the ability of state medical boards to act against misinformation campaigns and non-scientific-based care erodes trust in the profession, harms patients, and will have a long-lasting impact on the practice of medicine. We urge lawmakers to halt attempts to subvert the work of state medical boards as they act in the public interest and to address concerns raised by physicians whose conduct has been called into question for spreading false information.

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