COVID-19 Resources from ABMS and the Portfolio Program

On April 10, 2020

As we consider what health care systems and providers are experiencing due to COVID-19, we understand the additional and extraordinary work you are all doing. The American Board Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the Portfolio Program team want to support Portfolio Program Sponsors and their physicians with the following:

  • Sponsor portal forum. A new forum is available in our sponsor portal where you can find accredited continuing medical education (CME) activities that have been posted by the American Medical Association and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, as well as COVID-19 articles and other resources including open discussion regarding COVID-19 activities underway at organizations.
  • Educational resource sharing. We invite you to share on the sponsor portal any educational resources you have created and are using, along with information regarding what your organization has done and is doing to address coronavirus internally, such as:
    • Processes in place to address screening and treatment
    • Information on addressing shortages of masks, ventilators, and hand sanitizer
    • Actions to support health care worker fatigue
    • New quality improvement policies being implemented to meet the needs of this evolving pandemic.
  • Continuing certification credit, including COVID-19 work. We continue to support granting continuing certification credit for any COVID-19 work underway. Please feel free to share any activities and initiatives your health care teams are implementing and we will work with you to submit them for potential credit.
  • Connection to the ABMS Member Boards. For those of you whose physicians are seeking information regarding their ABMS Member Boards’ continuing certification program during COVID-19, we are sharing the COVID-19 information page on the ABMS website which includes links for easy access to the boards’ websites and contact information..

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