Dr. Koranne on Reducing Clinician Burnout

On March 18, 2019

Rahul Koranne, MD, MBA, FACP, Chief Medical Officer of the Minnesota Hospital Association, discusses how the Association is addressing clinician burnout on a statewide level. The goal is to determine the drivers of burnout and develop strategies to reduce it.

TRANSCRIPT: The Minnesota Hospital Association works with almost all of the health systems in Minnesota and we really wanted to build an action framework to work on the drivers of burnout. We have a narrow and closing window of opportunity and we need to work on it right now systematically with leadership across all of the healthcare systems. Our survey finds that 37% of the physicians and advanced practice professionals are suffering from burnout. That’s much lower than the 54% prevalence that national studies have shown. Is 37% great? I would argue it’s 37% more than what we would like to see in our industry. Our action framework in Minnesota is about pinpointing those strategies that reduce clinician burnout through our data. Once we know what they are specifically, we will spread them relentlessly.

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