ABMS Assessment Consulting

ABMS Assessment Consulting helps health care organizations explore and evolve their professional certification programming. ABMS Assessment Consulting services and the CertLink® longitudinal assessment and learning platform comprise the ABMS assessment services offering. ABMS consultants can help with all the activities related to building and maintaining a successful assessment program for:

  • Evaluating a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities to enter a profession
  • Determining an individual’s qualification to receive professional certification
  • Supporting a professional’s continuing education by helping them identify gaps in their knowledge and connect to relevant educational materials
  • Measuring the effectiveness of a professional’s learning activities for maintaining certification

Assessment Development and Consulting Services

ABMS consultants follow industry best practices to help you develop, manage and grow your program. Our philosophy emphasizes validity, defensibility, and reliability. Choose from the following services or let us teach your team how to create valid and reliable assessments to meet your program needs:

intl icon exam design

Exam Design—Learn valuable strategies for creating blueprints and specifications, classification schemes, multiple choice item banks, and examination forms as well as ways to organize the item writing and review process.

intl icon item development

Item Development—Find out how to prepare multiple-choice questions that assess application of clinical knowledge in patient care situations; recognize, correct, and avoid commonly occurring technical flaws in phrasing; select item topics suitable for specialty certification examinations; and participate effectively in review of multiple-choice questions.

intl icon standard setting

Standard Setting—Understand the purpose of and common methods for setting pass/fail standards from the perspectives of educators, program directors, regulators, and candidates. Learn about the concept of the “borderline” (minimally competent) candidate and its role in setting absolute (criterion-reference) pass/fail standards. Strategies for selecting, training, and calibrating subject matter experts will also be discussed.

intl icon score reports

Score Reports—Learn how to design score reports that provide information about candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. Participants are invited to bring copies of score reports they have seen or developed for review by the facilitator and other attendees.

intl icon interpretation

Interpretation of Item and Test Statistics—Receive a practical overview of test and item statistics, including an introduction to generalizability theory and associated test statistics used as indicators of the reproducibility (reliability, precision) of scores on multiple-choice examinations. Commonly used item statistics (p-values, biserial correlations, Horst statistics and high/low group breakdowns) are also reviewed, along with principles of “key validation.”

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