CertLink Delivers Longitudinal Assessment Online

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The CertLink® technology platform works at the intersection of assessment and learning to support physicians’ ongoing professional development. The platform is based on longitudinal assessment, an adaptive process proven to facilitate learning. It features a robust toolset to develop, manage, and deliver assessments that provide a more accurate view of a physician’s medical knowledge. Physicians can manage their own learning with assessment experiences and resources customized to their practice and interests.

More than 30,000 physicians have been using CertLink answering over 2 million questions. Physicians using CertLink it a 98% satisfaction rating.

Program Advantages

CertLink meets the needs of today’s busy physicians by supporting a more flexible continuing certification process that is convenient, customized to practice, and integrated with professional learning and improvement activities. The assessments help physicians review their knowledge, identify areas for learning, and connect with professional development resources. (Learn about CertLink’s features and benefits in this video.)

For Users

  • Convenient online learning
  • Relevant and personalized approach
  • Immediate, focused feedback
  • Access to resources to support learning
  • Personal dashboard for performance status

For Assessment Sponsors

  • Continuous, dynamic candidate assessment
  • Delivery to any personal device
  • Develop customized assessments
  • Easily include new and emerging topics
  • Reports and analytics to monitor performance

To learn more, contact the CertLink team.

Graphic Series v3

This collection of videos offers an introduction to CertLink®, an innovative platform from the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) for designing, building, delivering, and supporting online assessment programs that drive professional development and learning. You’ll learn about the advantages of the platform for users and assessment sponsors, how longitudinal assessment promotes learning and development, and examples of its use for physician professional development.