Commission Meets to Offer Input on Task Force Work To-Date

On October 13, 2020

Continuing Board Certification: Achieving the Vision Update

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) have published a proceedings paper capturing the presentations and information shared at a jointly hosted symposium last year. “Advancing Assessment of Professionalism in Continuing Certification” brought together leaders in health care, medical education, assessment, and professional self-regulation from across the country to define, discuss, and explore how to enhance medical professionalism and examine the important role that continuing board certification may play in assessing physicians’ professional behavior. The proceedings paper, which has been shared with the Professionalism Task Force, will serve to not only inform their current work with regard to providing guidelines for the current standards, but will also help carve a pathway forward not only for ABMS and NBME, but for the profession at large.

The topic of professionalism was also featured at ABMS Conference 2020, held in a virtual format, September 23–24. The presentations and discussions from these sessions will also help guide the Professionalism Task Force in their current work and in the continued dialogue and evolution around professionalism as it relates to board certification.

Members of the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission (Commission) met virtually in September to review and discuss progress made to date on the work of the four “Achieving the Vision” Task Forces in addition to the Standards Task Force. The Commission members offered feedback and commentary and provided clarification regarding the intent of some of the recommendations outlined in their report, which the Task Forces will continue to address. This meeting was one of a series of opportunities to obtain feedback from key stakeholders, as the Standards Task Force continues to work toward an anticipated opening of a substantial public commentary period by the end of this year.  

To remain apprised of the Task Force progress and development of the new continuing certification standards, please share this update with your colleagues and encourage them to engage with the process by subscribing to the Achieving the Vision updates. In addition, information about the work of the Task Forces and updates on the Member Boards’ progress is available on the “Achieving the Vision” webpage.

Please continue to be safe, and take good care of yourself, your colleagues and your family. And most importantly, if you are member of a health care team combating COVID-19, know that we thank you for your dedication, service, and selfless efforts on behalf of your patients and communities.

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