Criteria for Public Members to Serve on ABMS BOD

On April 17, 2024

Six seats on the American Board of Medical Specialties Board of Directors (ABMS BOD) are dedicated for public members.

ABMS seeks candidates who represent the broad public interest and are able to offer insights and expertise reflecting a firm understanding of, and support for, ABMS’ mission. Collectively, public members should possess the following characteristics:

  • An understanding of how physicians engage with medical education, training, and board certification in the United States;
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in such areas as business and finance, health policy, information technology used in health care settings, health care management, quality improvement science, patient advocacy, patient experience, or marketing; and
  • Skills and experience that will help ABMS achieve its strategic agenda.

Public members of the BOD are elected for a three-year term; individuals can serve two three-year terms (under special circumstances, a third three-year term may be approved). Public members are full members of the BOD with all rights and responsibilities (including voting), and often serve on ABMS committees and task forces, including service as Chair. Terms typically begin on July 1 of each year.

ABMS recognizes the benefits inherent within a diverse community of officers, directors, representatives, and committee members. In a desire to reflect this diversity, ABMS seeks individuals with varied experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. Nominations of public members in all career phases are encouraged.

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